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Welcome to the democratisation of coach training

My Mission 

Is to help create the pool of masterful coaches that the world so desperately needs. Simplicity of Mastery is for any credentialed coach who wants to take their skills and their clients' results, to the next level.

If you are on the credentialing path, with the intention to one day getting to MCC, you're in the right place. Regardless of how many hours you have logged so far, it's never too soon to start.

If you're a credentialed coach and you want to take your skills to the next level, you're in the right place.

Now is the time to start moving your skills to the level of Mastery

You don't need to wait until you have logged 2,500 hours to start coaching at mastery level.

And spending thousands of dollars on a one-time course isn't necessarily the best way to achieve it.

For the past 20 years I have only taught my approach to coaching to my corporate clients, managers, HR and internal coaches.

But now in this new ICF Level 3 membership programme I am going to introduce you to The Simplicity of Mastery, the advanced communication skills and energy work, needed to create deep, fast, breakthrough; and the Profitable Leadership® frameworks that support the application of coaching in people’s work and life.

Simple does not mean easy; a lot of practice is required.

So you will have access to LIVE Tutorials with me to take your learning and practice deeper than ever before. You will also have 24/7 access to recorded lectures, self study materials, live coaching demos and any tutorials you miss.


On average level 1, 2 or 3 coach training courses are about $6,000 and typically they last a number of months and then it's done. And it's difficult to justify spending that amount of money on a short term course until you are almost at the point where you've got the hours ready to take your mcc.

With Simplicity of Mastery, I'm spreading that cost over the typical six and a half years that it takes to accumulate the 2,500 hours of coaching log. If you're doing the maths, that's less than $20 per week for the live tutorials and unlimited access to all the recordings, the recorded lectures, the demos, and the self-study materials.

There is no long term commitment; if you can get to MCC standard and pass the exam in 3 years, then it's only cost you half of a typical training course. You only stay for as long as you find it useful.

Play the video to hear what other coaches say;                             then click below to join.


What you will learn

Simplicity of Mastery covers five interwoven areas:

An exploration of the core competencies; what is expected to be demonstrated at MCC level; and how this builds on, and differs from, the PCC markers.

Taking your communication skills to a deeper level, learning to listen from your subconscious, and to take your coaching client into their subconscious; allowing you to coach at the speed of thought.

Mastery in coaching is a fully present, connected and in the moment experience. I'm going to show you how to work in the four dimensions of coaching to understand the flow and directions; and how to make the coaching move energetically even when you don't know what's actually happening.

Coaching is a little bit like getting your black belt in martial arts. 
You can just get over the bar, or you can progress further on the path to a deeper level of mastery. This is the path that utilises energetic connection.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. You are energy in one form, I'm energy in another form, and the space between us is energy. All matter is energy, it's all connected.

You need to learn how to make those connections, how to feel those connections and how to use it in your coaching.

Then you can coach people to elevate them to the realm of possibility.

Leadership is a state of being in our lives. And profitability is the return you get from deploying your assets.

In life we have just three things, three assets that are truly ours;

I believe our time on this earth can be measured by how we use them, and the return we get from deployment of them.

I will teach you the frameworks of Profitable Leadership® that you can use in coaching your clients.

Regardless of whether you're a life coach, a business coach, or an executive coach, you'll learn my Profitable Leadership frameworks, which will be applicable to all areas of their life.

You'll be able to help them discover how to get more clarity on where they are now, where they want to be, and how to get there.


The PCC Problem 

A common situation I've seen over the years, is that you complete your 125 hours of coach training to level two; you've done 10 hours of mentor coaching and you've accumulated 500 hours of client coaching experience. Then you apply and pass your PCC.

Congratulations! Now the focus is on really building your coaching practice. Sure you aim to be an MCC one day, but considering you need to accumulate 2,500 hours of coaching log, that is a long way off, and the last thing on your mind.

And here is where the problem starts.

To even consider applying for an MCC exam, you need to log two and a half thousand hours. On average this takes six and a half years. So by the time you've logged the hours, you will typically have renewed your credential twice; and to renew your credentials you have to do 40 hours of CCE approved coach specific training.

Doing that twice means you've collected an additional 80 hours of coach specific training. Add attendance at ICF global or chapter events, and you have all the training hours you need covered.

Now you just need to do 10 hours of mentor coaching to get ready for your MCC, and you're good to go. Right?


Yes, most of the training is really useful; but it is typically  additional applications of your coaching skills, it's not designed to get you to Level 3 in your pure coaching skills.

The reason ICF expects an additional 2,000 hours of coaching practice before you are ready for MCC is because the skill jump from PCC, the mechanics, the Newtonian physics of coaching, to the being of the quantum physics level of mastery at MCC is a huge jump.

Just 10 hours of Mentor coaching will not get you there if your skills are not already on place.

SIMPLICITY OF MASTERY allows you to learn and practice the skills in a gradual and affordable manner so you can start early; so by the time you are ready to take the MCC exam, you've been coaching at a mastery level for several years. The exam then just becomes a confirmation of what you are already doing naturally.

Simplicity of Mastery is a membership program which will give you on demand access to everything I know.

  • Weekly live tutorial sessions with me where we'll take your knowledge deeper and practice and give feedback on your coaching skills.
  • Recorded lectures to study at your own convenience.
  • Self-study modules with examples of real live mastery coaching demos for you to analyse from different perspectives of the skills you are learning.


Come and join me. Sign up now. There's no commitment. 

Stay as long as you like; and for as long as you're finding it helpful. 

Once you join you'll be directed to a page which lists all the dates of the weekly tutorials planned ahead so that you can sign up for those individually.

You'll be directed to a piece of prep work to do. A recording of a coaching session for you to analyse and help yourself get ready for the first live tutorials, starting to examine for yourself where your coaching is and what you need to learn.

Then bring that insight into the tutorials and I will take you there.