How to turn your boss into a great coach

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No, this doesn't involve sending them off on a training course. This involves you taking total ownership of your needs and your development.

I've been researching, analysing, teaching and implementing the use of coaching skills in the workplace for over 25 years.

In the last few years the adoption of equipping managers with coaching skill has really started to get some traction.

One thing I have noticed is that it is sometimes taught as a generic approach to coaching with not enough attention to the application conversations. And with an organisation they vary considerably depending on Who is Coaching Who.

If you want to get easy, available and free coaching support whenever you a facing a challenge that needs some decisions on what to do, follow these steps.

They will work, even if your manager has not had any coach training.

Step 1. Get a crisp analysis of the situation really clear in your mind. A good practice to do this is to type it out, 12 point font, on one side of A4.

Step 2. Think through and document 3 ways you could move forward (always from an assumption that there are no limits)

Step 3. Decide which one is your chosen approach, and why.

Then talk to your manager. Start with a very specific "I have a situation and I'd like to have you help me validate my thinking."

Then 1. Give the crisp analysis 2. Outline the 3 ways forward. 3. Tell them which one you have chosen and why.

When asked to help validate your thinking, you pull an instinctive response from them.

They will listen carefully, ask questions, challenge your thinking; and if they can see there is some knowledge missing on your part they will teach you.

The basics of great coaching as a manager.

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