3 Steps to guarantee your training budget is not wasted

online micro-learning

Yes, everyone is learning on-line these days. 

The availability of online platforms, with huge amounts of courses, mostly very low cost, is tremendous.

So it's become very easy for any organisation to claim "We are developing our people! Look how many courses our people are doing!"

But before we get too excited about this, you have to ask yourself three questions . . .

Are they doing the right courses?

Are they actually learning something useful that will help move them forward?

And are they putting the learning into practice?

To ensure you have the correct answers you must do three things . . .

Moving learning online for easier accessibility is a great thing. People can do micro-learning and focus on what they need to learn, do it in a just-in-time approach so no time is wasted absorbing unnecessary information.

And le'ts not forget that without travelling costs, expensive trainers, hotel room hire, it's so easy to make the training budget go further.

Unless it's all going to waste.

Then it doesn't matter how cheap the training is, you are wasting not just the money, AND more importantly the TIME of those people.  I would suggest that is far more valuable and represents a far greater cost in real terms.

To avoid this do three things:

Step One. Make sure the learning people are going to do is as a result of a conversation with their manager about their development areas. Ask "What am I doing this training?"

Step Two. Make sure, as they do the training,  they are able to capture
a) What have I learned?
b) How does it help with my identified development areas?
c) What am I going to do differently as a result of learning this?

Step Three. Make sure they communicate this to their manager and engage them to be their accountability coach as they put the learning into practice.

If you want to see a behaviour; make it easy

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