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First Steps to Mastery

The world needs more coaches. High quality, effective coaches; coaches who can help their clients get results, fast!

You don't need to wait years to move your skills up to mastery level;
you can start now.

In this five part, one hour masterclass  you'll get:

  • Unique MCC Level 3 training
  • ICF CCE credit
  • And it's FREE!

We will cover:

  • Defining Mastery
  • Coaching without Models
  • Connection & Presence
  • The Flow of Coaching
  • Coaching the Subconscious

Come and join me in the democratisation of coach training.

Start your journey to mastery.

This complimentary one hour masterclass is yours at no charge. Please check your email after signing up to confirm your free membership and ensure you get the links to the course. (ICF CCE applied for)