Join the New Year Masterclass

The two hour Masterclass will be running for the very first time in 2022.

Tony has only taught his approach to corporate clients over the past 20 years. Now, for the first time he is opening his approach to all coaches, internal and external, to help lift coaching everywhere to a mastery level.

There will be two classes run to make sure everyone has a class in their timezone.

Complete the form below to reserve your place and I'll send you details of how to make payment very soon.

What you will get

  • Access to a recorded master coaching session with a real corporate executive struggling with a huge career decision (value $59)
  • A one hour recorded analysis of the coaching session and transcript done by me, helping you understand how to create a deep subconscious to subconscious connection for deep and fast breakthrough. (value $65)
  • Analysis of the session against the ICF competencies by MCC Mentor Coach, Fran Fisher (value $300)
  • A two hour Masterclass where I will teach you how to do what I do. My coaching does not come from a traditional school, I will show you the approach to coaching without models that I have developed over years of research, analysis and practice. (value $1,200)
All for just $268

Why join me for this Masterclass?

Back in 2007 I was struggling to make the huge leap from being a competent PCC level coach to being ready to take my MCC exam. The jump in hours of coaching practice required is huge, and rightly so, because the jump in skill required is even bigger.

At that time there were just 100 MCCs in the world; and absolutely NO training available at that level. Learning how to understand mastery, let alone be able to do it, was very hard.

It felt like a martial arts movie where the novice climbs the mountain to sit at the feet of the master, watching them pour tea into an overflowing cup.

Advice was "Listen to what is not being said". And as a career techie I was thinking "Which ear would that come in to then?"

But eventually I got there, and I passed the exam.

The techie in me kicked in again. Because if you can do something, you can analyse what you do.

And if you analyse it correctly, you can codify it.

And if you can codify it, you can teach it.

I've spend the past 20 years only coaching and teaching what I know to my corporate clients. But the world needs more coaches.

Over recent years we have seen a growth in the awareness of the benefits of coaching and there is going to be a huge expansion in the next few years of people expecting to be provided with on demand coaching services in their workplace. If you do the numbers, there aren't enough coaches to go round.

The world needs more coaches, and it needs high quality, effective coaches. Coaches who can help clients gets results fast.

I'm going to share what I know; the stuff I've figured out over the years. It's powerful and it works.

Don't just take my word for it.

In her 2021 WBECS pre-summit class my friend Dr Marcia Reynolds was asked "To coach for transformational breakthrough, is there a better framework than the GROW model?"

Marcia laughed and said "Talk to my friend Tony Latimer in Singapore. He showed me his approach to coaching without models. Just helping clients get clarity on on where they are NOW and where they want to be in the FUTURE, and then the masterful coaching happens in the middle." 

I did a live coaching demo recently for Moore Master Coaching, run by Gail Moore; the first time I have ever done a demo for coaches to listen to; and the participants said:

  • So exciting to be presented with a new way or working.
  • I loved the 3 steps to clarity!
  • The beauty and power of connecting the coach’s subconscious with the client’s subconscious.
  • What a true master of his craft.
  • Tony is amazing and I want in on the MasterClass he mentioned.


Join me for this new masterclass

Complete the form below to reserve your place at only $268 and I will send you details of how to make payment very soon.